Providing Effective Online and Classroon Training

People learn best and gain the most when the training provided is fun, when the methods of learning are varied and when everyone contributes, and is valued for their contribution, to that learning.

How is it done? – Mix it up! Don’t be boring!

Some people will not learn unless they get their hands dirty and get stuck in to a practical activity, others need to discuss options. There as many ways to learn effectively as there are people on the planet and the trick to being an effective educator, trainer or training provider is having the expertise and skills to analyse the need of the client, be that a company or an individual, and integrate the best solutions.

More than anything else AET is committed to providing high quality, effective training and education. We don’t just train people, we train people to train people.

When and where

Evenings and weekends are an option when you chose Authentic as your training provider. We realise that for many businesses losing a valued member of staff during the normal workday can be an issue that affects efficiency and profits. With that in mind AET can arrange for training to be delivered at our Knowsley base, or indeed at your workplace, over a period of evenings or on a weekend.